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Quite simply, Passion. There are no hot shot business executives here to try and trick you into purchasing anything you don't need. MB was founded by two brothers with a passion for fitness and nutrition. What started as a small hobby used to help out a few close friends has now grown into a flourishing service that has helped hundreds of people in the Tampa Bay area hit their nutritional goals easier than ever before!

We've worked with hundreds clients and have used countless amounts of helpful feedback to transform our service into what we beleive to be the most personal, affordable and easy-to-use meal delivery service available.

What sets our services apart from other companies is the personal attention you receive from us, the infinite options available that we provide to ensure you reach your goals and creative and innovative meals we supply so that you never get burnt out on eating healthy! No broccoli and plain chicken here! (Unless of course that's your thing, in which case we do offer custom meals!) Not only that, but we are also working on producing our own line of supplements and apparel so that Muscle Brothers Performance can be your one stop for EVERYTHING fitness related! 

There truly is no other service quite like Muscle Brothers! Take a moment to browse our LeanBody and HardGainer plans and we are sure you will be as surprised at the low prices as you are at the amazing taste of our meals when you take that first bite!